Meet The Band

Brian Daughton
Lead Vocalist / Front Man

Brian comes from the city of Oakland, CA. where rock, R&B and blues are a part of life. A former band mate heard Brian singing karaoke in a bar one night and was so impressed with his voice, stage presence and overall energy that he recruited to join the band.

Brian is a very dynamic front man and lead singer who loves to entertain. Whether dancing and jumping around on stage or hitting the dance floor and having fun with the audience, Brian brings the party to the people no matter where they are. His energy is infectious and he never fails to get everyone involved. The best part is he is fun to watch because he is having fun. Brian is the real deal.

Tony D.
Bass Guitar, Lead and Backup Vocals

Since 1975 Tony has played bass guitar and toured throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, England, Germany, and Spain. He has also entertained the troops playing 3 USO tours through Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. He has worked with such bands as Smokehouse, Wizard, The Boyz, Spontaneous Combustion, North Bay Grease, The Vandals of Eden, Dr. Groove, and now Live At 5.

Tony is a song writer, sound engineer, and producer who has worked and recorded in Cherry Records, Pacific Studios, Circle Star Theater, Black Cat Records, and U/A studios. He has a working and personal relationship with many agents including Concept L.L.C, Sierra Talent, Freedom Promotions, Superstar Promotions, Harry Arnold, Al King, Jess Johnson, Tom Stinnett, Pacific Talent, B.G.P.,W.S.A., and U/A Talent. Tony has performed or toured with The Ink Spots, The Coasters, Fleetwood Mac, Three Dog Night, Johnny Cash , Steve Miller, Grand Funk, Loverboy, Frank Sinatra, and Killer Whales.

In 1990 Tony left Killer Whales and moved to Santa Rosa, CA and joined up with Mike Rivias to form The Vandals of Eden (“The Vandals”), which was his main band until 2013. When he moved to Clearlake, CA. he formed Dr. Groove with former band mates and has since joined Clearlake’s own “Live at 5 band”.

Ryan Gymnaites

Born in LA in 1986, Ryan was exposed to music at a young age thanks to his father, who is a gigging guitar player with touring experience. Ryan tried many instruments growing up, but the drums became his instrument of choice. He played snare drum in his high school marching band, which won multiple competitions. Ryan has been in and out of several bands since high school ranging from heavy metal bands to classic rock and R&B bands. Besides holding down the beat in Live at 5, he also teaches a drum line (at a local high school) the rudiments and discipline they need to compete.

Ryan lists his influences as Luke Holland, Dennis Chambers, and Chris Turner. He and Tony form one of the most formidable and talented rhythm sections in the county.

Jim Arvanitis
Guitars, Keyboards, Lead and Backup Vocals

Jim grew up in Toledo, Ohio where his musical roots were planted at an early age singing in local youth choirs. He took up piano and saxophone early on, soon followed by drums, guitar, and bass. In high school Jim concentrated on playing guitar and bass with a number of local bands. After graduation he spent four years plus studying design and architecture at the University of Toledo, Toledo Museum of Art, and University of Cincinnati while playing music to help pay for college.

As a member of several Midwest bands (Fat Jack, Divine Comedy, Zardoz, The Sumo All Stars, and numerous other bands) Jim toured throughout the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. Jim’s bands opened for national bands such as ZZ Top, The Raspberries, Ted Nugent, Cactus, Chuck Berry, The Cryan’ Shames and several other national and international acts. Jim’s career in sales and marketing management moved him all over the country (Chicago, San Diego, New York, Mission Viejo and Northern California where he now resides). As soon as he got established in each city he pursed his passion for music by joining local bands and playing gigs in clubs and other venues.

Jim’s playing style is infused with rock, R&B, blues, funk, and jazz. Influences include Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Steve Howe and Larry Carlton. Jim writes and composes music in his spare time.

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