Equipment List

Live at 5 is a fully self-contained band with all of our own professional back line, sound system equipment, stage lighting, and recording equipment. We have a standard P.A. system that we use for clubs and small events. We also have an optional large sound system for special events and outdoor venues. We use a small set of lights for most events and have an optional full lighting system for large events. When booking for your event please tell “Live at 5” what you will need.

Tony’s Gear

  • Guitars: Fender Custom Jazz California Hot Rod Bass Guitar (White with gold hardware); Fender: Jazz Bass; Gibson: Thunderbird (1964)
  • Amps: Gallien/Krueger 120 bass head; Fender V3 bass head; Fender Dual Showman (1965)
  • Speaker Cabs: Gallien/Krueger with 12″ JBL speakers; Fender Rumble V3 15″ with 2 x 15″; Carvin 410; Fender Dual Showman with 2 E140 JBL 15″ speakers; Hartke XL210 (2-10” speakers & horn)
  • Accessories: Carvin Direct box; Samson U.H.S wireless unit; Nady VHS wireless unit; SKB hard shell case; Fender soft case; On Stage amp stand
  • Effects: D.O.D: Bass effect pedal

Jim’s Gear

  • Guitars: Hamer Chaparral (1986); B.C. Rich Mockingbird; Fender Stratocasters; Les Paul Deluxe (1971); Schecter C1 Classic; Ibanez Artisan; Line 6 Variax; Dean Exotica Dao (acoustic)
  • Amps: Vox AC15TB; Vox AD120VTH; Line 6 Spider V; Egnater Rebel 30; B52 AT112; B52 AT212); Epiphone Valve Jr.; Behringer K3000FX
  • Speaker Cabs: Bag End (2 x 12); Jet City 24S+ (2 x 12)
  • Keyboards: Yamaha MX 61; Arturia Essential 61 (V Collection 6); Novation XIOSynth; Korg microSampler
  • Effects/Pedals: Line 6 Pod XP Live; Pod 2.0; G&L Ben Wah; Boss RC50 Looper: BBE Sonic Stomp; BBE Green Screamer
  • Accessories: Fender Bullets Strings; DR Titfit Strings; On Stage amp stand; Ultimate keyboard stand; Hercules guitar stands; Sinister and Fender picks

Ryan’s Gear

  • Kit: 6-piece Sonar “birch” kit
  • Toms: 10″; 12″; and 14″ side toms / 16” floor tom
  • Snare: 14″ snare
  • Bass Drum: 22″ bass drum
  • Cymbals: Zildjian 10″ splash; 18” dark crash, 20” A custom ride; Sabian B8 14″ high hat; 16” B8 China; Paiste 15″; 16″; 17″; 18″ crash
  • Foot Pedal: Pearl Eliminator pedal
  • Cage / Rack: Tama 2-tier cage system; Full Gibraltar rack
  • Sticks: Veter 5A wood tip

Small clubs & private events

  • Mains: Behringer B1520 with 15” speaker & Horn 500 watts at 8 ohms
  • Stage Monitors: E/V: Stage Monitor (x2); Mackie Thump 12 powered stage monitor
  • Mixer: Mackie 808 powered Mixer with 8 channels 600 watts RMS per channel
  • Cables: Monster Cable 2- 40 ft. cables with Speak-Ons; Monster Cable 2- 25 ft. cables for monitors
  • Mixer Stand: On Stage mixer stand
  • Speaker Stands: On Stage speaker stands ( for Mains)
  • Sennheiser: (4) – 835 Microphones

Outside events, large venues, weddings, casinos, DJs, concerts, and corporate events

  • Mains: JBL RX115 (1000 watts RMS at 8 ohms / 1500 watts at 4 ohms) x2; Behringer B1520 Pro mains 15” speakers & horns (1000 watts at 4 ohms) x2
  • Subwoofers: Behringer B1800 Pro sub woofers (1800 watts RMS) x2; Seismic Audio 15” Sub Woofers (500 watts RMS) x2
  • Stage Monitors: Mackie TH12 powered monitor (350 watts) for lead singer; Yamaha 115 stage monitor (300 watts RMS); E/V 12” stage monitor
  • Mixer: Yamaha MG16 channel stereo mixer with 4 sub groups
  • Amplification: Carvin 1000 (1000 watts at 4 ohms for mains); Behringer 1500 for stage monitors (1000 watts at 4 ohms); Crown 1500 (1500 watts at 4 ohms for sub woofers)
  • Microphones: Audio Technica Pro 61; Audio Tech 1500; Sennheiser 835 vocal x4; Shure SM58 x4; Shure SM57 x4; Shure: SM kick; Rode 1000 (overhead for drums)
  • Cables: Shure 20 ft. microphone cables x9; B.I: 25ft Microphone cables x9; Hosa: 50 ft. microphone cables x2; Hosa 25 ft. Microphone cables x9; Jova 10 channel 100 ft. snake; Monster Cable 75 ft. speaker cables for mains x4; Monster Cable 35 ft. speaker cables for stage monitors x8
  • Processors and Effects: Audio Technica 31 band EQ with filters; Lexicon 160 effect unit; Peavey stereo 31-band feedback destroyer for monitors; Probe 31 band EQ (Mains); O.D 31-band EQ with sub filters (sub woofers); DBX stereo compressor / gate
  • Equipment Racks: Anvil 16 space rack case; Gator 8 space rack case
  • Road Cases: Anvil utility case; Anvil microphone case; Anvil mixer case (Yamaha mixer ); World Tour case
  • Accessories: Furman power supply; On Stage tripod stands for mains; On Stage mixer stand (16 channel mixer)

Please Note: This sound system requires a 2-person crew for set-up and tear-down. A “Sound Engineer” will manage the crew for setup, tear-down, sound check and performance. This cost will be added to our contract.


  • PAR 64: American DJ (1000 W) x4
  • PAR 56 American DJ (500 W) x8
  • PAR 46: American DJ (300 W) x6
  • PAR 36: American DJ LED pin spots
  • Dimmer Packs: American DJ (2400 W) x2
  • Floor Control: American DJ 4-channel controller with 30 presets
  • Cables: Hosa 75 ft. x3
  • Light Stands: STAGE 18 ft. with T-bars x2

Please Note: A smaller version of our stage lighting may travel with the band depending on the venue. A larger version is available but my incur an additional cost which will be added to the contract

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