Below are our latest audio demos. Click on the link of a song you’d like to listen to. We plan on having additional audio demos posted here in the future along with videos.

Audio Demos

Brick House (Lead Vocal: Tony)
Hurt So Good (Lead Vocal: Jim)
If I Had No Loot (Lead Vocal: Tony)
Smoking Gun (Lead Vocal: Jim)

Rehearsal Recordings

We record our rehearsals on a portable 2-track, Tascam digital recorder. A few are posted in the section below. The purpose of these brutal rehearsal recordings is to expose mistakes, make changes to the arrangement if needed and to ultimately tighten up our vocals. These recordings are raw and not finished in any way. They are VERY rough. (No EQ, very little effects, rough balance…you get the idea, right?) This is what a Live at 5 rehearsal truly sounds like. It takes hours of rehearsal to dial in a song so that it is gig-ready. Now that you know…enjoy.

Tennessee Whisky: (Lead Vocal: Jim)
Just What I Needed (Lead Vocal: Brian)
Two Tickets to Paradise (Lead Vocal: Brian)
Use Me (Lead Vocal: Brian)
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